2021, A Year to Remember

Thank you for being here!

Your support and valuable insight have helped build Medecipher into a community of clinical subject matter experts and healthcare technology innovators. Your contributions have enhanced every area of our growing company:

  • You contributed as a member to Medecipher Labs. New members are always welcome to participate and can find out more here.
  • You helped our software products grow from ideation to testing.
  • You engaged in best practices discussions regarding staffing strategies, patient flow, and throughput.
  • You shared opinions on safer staffing and voiced desires to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of staff schedules while also accommodating the essential needs of bedside nurses.

2021, A Year to Remember

As we enter into peak year-in-review season, it is apparent that if 2021 has taught us anything, it’s that plenty of people, including 22% of nurses (Evans), are leaving their jobs. Poor pay and poor schedules are the top two contributing factors causing the exodus of nurses who have played an enormous role in the pandemic (Yong).

But there’s good news. We aren’t just “still standing,” we’re taking action! We are revolutionizing nurse scheduling and management to put nurses back in the driver seats of their own lives.

In 2021, we achieved significant milestones!

  • We received $1M from the National Science Foundation and an additional $100K from The Jumpstart Foundry.
  • We added new staff members to refine the design of our product, communicate and build overall awareness, and represent nursing staff and leadership, ensuring their needs continue to be at the forefront.
  • We continued to refine our product with front-end design and feature enhancements, which boost effectiveness and ease of use by incorporating what we have learned from you!

Your contributions and the dedicated work of our staff have helped make 2021 a year to remember. Together we can build on this progress and make a significant impact on the lives of nurses by reshaping nurse scheduling and management.

We look forward to your continued support in 2022!