Appropriate Staffing Continues to be a Concern and Area for Improvement

The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) released its National Nurse Work Environments – October 2021 Status Report. The study evaluated the current state of nurse work environments and provided recommendations for continued improvement, including the benefit of creating and sustaining healthy work environments (HWEs) to support nurse staffing, retention, and optimal patient care.

Of the 9,335 RNs responding:

  • 24% stated they have the right number of nurses with the right knowledge and skills more than 75% of the time
  • 67% of respondents stated they intend to leave their nursing position within three years
  • however 57% of those respondents said better staffing could influence them to reconsider leaving

Creating a better working environment for nurses has been at the core of Medecipher’s mission. Appropriate staffing reduces the strain on the nursing staff, allows nurses to focus on the needs and safety of the patients, and increases nurse’s satisfaction. Medecipher’s decision support solution, FLO, helps hospitals find the balance in staffing needed to create a healthy work environment while satisfying nurse preferences, ensuring patient safety, and reducing costs.

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