Medecipher launches FLO on the Olive Library

Medecipher's FLO on the the Olive Library
Olive’s universal marketplace provides innovators an opportunity to grow with leading healthcare automation company.

Medecipher  joins other industry pioneers to launch its product, FLO, on Olive’s marketplace, The Library. Olive, the automation company creating the Internet of Healthcare, launched a healthcare solution marketplace in 2021, enabling developers, independent software vendors (ISVs), system integrators (SIs) and other partners to list, sell and grow with Olive. Find the Medecipher listing on Olive’s library by searching, FLO.

We are thrilled to partner with Olive to help bring our staffing solution to Olive’s Library customers. Our robust nurse-centric, operational decision support SaaS platform brings much needed automation to scheduling work processes and increases accuracy, safety and efficiency.”

CEO and Co-Founder, Stephanie Gravenor

Olive’s marketplace enables Medecipher to open a distribution channel and market to Olive’s customer base, which currently includes more than 30 percent of the largest providers in the United States. By joining Olive’s marketplace, Medecipher has access to a successful distribution channel to sell its products and services to an established customer base actively looking for solutions. Extending beyond technology and into consulting, change management and training solutions, The Library provides access to the largest healthcare brands in the industry. 

About Olive

Olive is the automation company creating the Internet of Healthcare. The company is addressing healthcare’s most burdensome issues through automation — delivering hospitals, health systems and payers increased revenue, reduced costs and increased capacity. People feel lost in the system today, and healthcare employees are essentially working in the dark due to outdated technology that creates a lack of shared knowledge and siloed data. Olive is driving connections to shine new light on healthcare processes, improving operations today so everyone can benefit from a healthier industry tomorrow. To learn more about Olive, visit