Medecipher Solutions Wins incubatED Digital Health Innovation Challenge at ACEP 2020

Medecipher Solutions has won the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) 2020 incubatED Digital Health Innovation Challenge, recognizing the company’s flagship product, Flo, as an innovation that will shape the future of emergency medicine.  Winners were selected by popular vote from ACEP attendees during the 2020 meeting which concluded October 29.

Watch our video submission here!

In the US, hospitals spend 55% of their operating revenue on nurse staffing, and yet CEOs say that retaining nurses and ensuring safe ratios is one of their top concerns. Despite these concerns, care team planning in the emergency department really has not changed in over 30 years. The methodology does not take into account the wealth of data available in the electronic medical records and the HR tools, and it doesn’t reflect the actual demand… ED nurse managers spend 30+% of their time fixing schedules on the day-of.

Medecipher CEO, Stephanie Gravenor

Flo is an operational intelligence decision support platform for smarter, safer, more effective staffing and scheduling decisions. Flo has demonstrated meaningful impact not only on the nurse manager experience, but has proven outcomes in:

  • quality for patients by improving operations and reducing length of stay and the left without being seen rate
  • nurse satisfaction through improved quality of work environment by reducing day-of cancelations and forced use of PTO
  • financial performance for the health system, saving hospitals about 3-5% of staffing budget by reducing their reliance on premium pay labor

As a winner of the incubatED pitch competition, Medecipher Solutions will receive an exhibitor spot at next year’s ACEP21, and deep dive clinical and business evaluations and feedback from emergency physician and healthcare business experts.