Medecipher’s CEO is a Featured Speaker at AngelMD’s Pitch Club

Stephanie Gravenor, CEO and Co-founder of Medecipher was a featured speaker at AngelMD's Pitch Club in Healthcare Operations.

Watch the full event here or watch Medecipher’s segment below.

Video provided by AngelMD’s Pitch Club

(November 2021) Stephanie Gravenor, CEO and Co-founder, was a featured speaker at AngelMD’s Pitch Club in Healthcare Operations. This Pitch Club showcased three innovative companies and their approaches to solving healthcare problems and improving operational efficiencies.

As a featured speaker, Stephanie shared updates on Medecipher’s progress and detailed its flagship platform, FLO. The sophisticated online decision support platform supports annual, monthly, and daily nurse staffing decisions and incorporates each hospital’s unique constraints: position control, budget, nursing preference, and ease-of-use.

Hospitals using Flo have seen proven reduction in staff churn, improved operations, maintenance of safer staffing levels, and improved staff and provider satisfaction.