Medecipher CEO, Stephanie Gravenor, Presented on Optimizing Patient Flow for the World Conference Forum

Stephanie Gravenor, Medecipher’s Co-Founder and CEO, presented at a World Conference Forum event, Optimizing Patient Flow for Covid-19: Strategies for Effective Nurse Staffing in Covid-19.

The session was designed for leadership, executives, and managers from a wide range of healthcare perspectives, including hospitals/health systems, providers, health plans/payers, healthcare consulting firms, healthcare technology/solution providers, and many more.

Goals of the webinar included:

  • Learning 9 tactical tips that you can put in place right now
  • Obtaining a robust framework for evaluating and recommending the best allocations of resources to achieve your hospital’s healthcare objectives
  • Understanding how to determine the staffing resources, capacity, equipment and supplies you need for your ongoing operations, so you are fully prepared to manage now and in your coming fiscal year
  • Exploring next steps of assessment of your current and ongoing staffing needs to preserve health and availability of your staff, for ongoing patient flow needs now and in the future